Behind The Scenes of… Canadian Tire / The WOW Guide

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The JTP crew got an early dose of Summer when they headed down to Miami, Florida to work on Canadian Tire’s WOW Guide. We’d like to thank the creative team and our dedicated crew of assistants, stylists, and retouchers for their work on this project.

Check out all the Behind The Scenes shots of us “working” hard. And be sure to grab a copy of the WOW Guide for all your Spring and Summer shopping info!

September Sweet & Savoury

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The September cover of Canadian Living has a sweet potato recipe worth sinking your teeth into, as shot by James Tse Photo. On newsstands everywhere now!

Photographer: James Tse // Art Director: Brendan Fisher // Food Stylist: Michael Elliott // Prop Stylist: Jennifer Evans 

BTS: Egg-cellent Fry-Day

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What’s that thing they say about making omelettes? About cracking eggs?

I’m not yolking (sorry) when I say that it took eggs-emplary (sorry) efforts and a little bit of scrambling (sorry) to capture the high-flying and gravity defying egg-splosion (sorry). Omletting (sorry) some of the BTS photos crack (sorry) through to show you all of the preparation, planning, trial-runs, and of course eggs that were sacrificed in the making of James’ egg-septional creative shot (I’m not sorry about that one).





05Happy Fry-day! (sorry)

Thanks for the BTS photos, Kate!

Canadian Living Cherry Shortcake

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James’ photographs can be spotted on the current cover and inside of Canadian Living Magazine, starting with this Cherry Berry Bannock Shortcake recipe.


416341764_toc1_1260Pick up a copy on newsstands for yourself today to see the mouthwatering recipes inside!

Photography: James Tse // Food Stylist: Michael Elliott (Judy Inc.) // Prop Stylist: Jennifer Evans // Editorial Director: Sandra E. Martin //  Design Director: Brendan Fisher

The Gourmet Dad BTS in L.A.

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A little while back, our crew had the pleasure of spending some time in L.A. with Dean McDermott (and Tori and the kids, of course) to shoot his new cookbook, The Gourmet Dad: Easy and Delicious Meals the Whole Family Will Love. 

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots from our time working on this awesome project between Toronto and Los Angeles. To our discovery, Dean is just as serious about hamming it up for the camera as he is about food.

Word to your mother.

Word to your mother.

Dean's alternative plating skills are put to the test.

Dean makes a face.

Our lovely food stylist Lara with Dean.

Our lovely prop stylist, Lara, chats with Dean.

Dean does the ol'

Jessica, James’ rep, attempts to go over notes with Dean.

Are we done? Can I eat it yet?

Soon, Margot, soon.


Some end-of-day previews.

Grillin' like a villain.

When life gives you lemons, toss ’em on the grill.

Moustache look #1.

Moustache look #1.

___ detects cooking afoot.

Quinn senses cooking afoot.

Claudia, our wonderful food stylist, lending a hand for the shoot in L.A.

Claudia, our wonderful food stylist, lends a hand for the shoot in L.A.

... and also put a bunch of lettuce on Dean.

… and also puts a bunch of lettuce on Dean.

Another day of mouth-watering goodness.

Another day of mouth-watering goodness.

Moustache look #2, Italian edition.

Moustache look #2, Italian edition.

Goofballs with meatballs.

Goofballs with meatballs.

James' rep, Jessica, stands in for a subtle picture with Tori. Okay, maybe not so subtle.

Jessica stands in for a subtle picture with Tori. Okay, maybe not so subtle.

____ gets a little lonely while waiting for Dean to bring him his dinner.

Michael gets a little lonely while waiting for Dean to bring him his dinner.

Just kidding, there's no such thing as loneliness in this place!

Just kidding, there’s no such thing as loneliness in this place.

Oh dear god, they have more dye...

Oh dear god, they bought more dye…

This family is actually so sweet.

This family is actually so sweet.

Dad signs Stella's cast.

Dad signs Stella’s cast.

A little relaxation for Tori and Dean after a long day of shooting.

And finally, a little relaxation for Tori and Dean after a long day of shooting.


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The James Tse crew are a bunch of worldly travellers, not afraid to strap on a backpack, take their shoes off at airport security, and hit the skies. Check out some of the postcards we’ve accumulated on our Polaroid wall over the past few months. Bonus: Kate wearing a giant bear head.


Kate sent us one from San Francisco, Laura sent one in from Vancouver, and Tyler’s made it all the way from Shanghai.

BTS: Christmas is Here Already

Behind the scenes, Clients, James Tse Photo, Studio

Now I don’t want to alarm you, so I’m going to give you this warning: What you’re about to see below is a Christmas related post, and yes, yesterday was April Fool’s Day so I understand your suspicion of anything you see on the internet for 24 hours either side of April 1st, but hear me out! This is just how timelines in food photography are. We get to shoot Christmas themes in March, Halloween themes in January, Christmas themes in November, Spring themes in December, Christmas themes in August, you get the idea.

Last week James had the pleasure of shooting for Create-A-Treat, shooting a little bit of Halloween related treats and, you guessed it: some Christmas treats. Take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes shots from our wintery studio.






The Kit – Easter Feast

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Spring is fighting as hard as it can to get here, and with the snow melt and longer days, it’s time to think about all the good things that comes with this transformation. Recently James shot once again with The Kit, this time the subject was the perfect Easter Feast. Check out the images below to see some flavourful, soft and decadent meal ideas to inspire you for the upcoming holiday weekend.







KIT9087_SaladPhotography: James Tse // Food Styling: Ashley Denton // Prop Styling: Carolyn Souch // Creative Director: Jessica Hotson