Monday Inspiration!


Merry Christmas everyone!  Although you’re with your families, I bet you’re still checking all of the many social media apps on your phones!

Hopefully this is the case so that you don’t miss the world of Madame Peripetie.

Often artist are free to roam and draw, paint, or sculpt whatever it is their imagination cooks up.  Photography for the most part, seems to stick to reality but its nice when someone navigates away from this.  I’m not sure if this work more closely resembles a page out of a child’s sketchbook or a scene from a horror film.  Either way is meant to be a compliment.  Its beyond anywhere my mind travels, so its all fun!


072c2bce4355d3ce9b4f8ca1adad7247 9ed823c8447aedadffc90bbac707bfd0 5810f7b0308b611c2a22de9b14da515a 0ee97dd1b7966a63113508ca221c88aa


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