It all began in high school. Capturing memorable images in black and white, and shooting live performances of bands such as the Barenaked Ladies, Marilyn Manson and Jesus and Mary Chain for an entertainment magazine, sparked a love of photography that has spanned more than sixteen years.


I went on to take the Applied Photography program at Sheridan College, where I completed an internship with Mary Ellen Mark, one of the world’s most respected and influential documentary photographers. Inspired by her incredible work, I continued to assist a number of talented photographers, which exposed me to a range of diverse styles and helped develop a style of my own.


With a focus on food, people, environment and still life mages, I opened my own studio in 2001. The studio has grown over the years and is now equipped with several kitchens, client workspace stations and digital services. Our roster of clients includes Food & Drink, Rogers Communications, Second Cup, Campbell’s, POM Wonderful, Macy’s and Wal-Mart. I’ve also worked on cookbooks with Martin Kouprie (Pangaea) and Mark McEwan.


When not in the studio, I like to combine my passion for food and travel by discovering the local – and often simple – cuisine in far-away places. The grilled cheese sandwiches from Borough Market in London, England, and the street vendor food in Hong Kong, particularly the sticky rice, are high on my list of favourites.


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