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Photographer: James Tse // Art Director: Jackie Shipley // Food Stylist: Lucie Richard // Prop Stylist:  Cheryl Thompson


BTS: Christmas is Here Already

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Now I don’t want to alarm you, so I’m going to give you this warning: What you’re about to see below is a Christmas related post, and yes, yesterday was April Fool’s Day so I understand your suspicion of anything you see on the internet for 24 hours either side of April 1st, but hear me out! This is just how timelines in food photography are. We get to shoot Christmas themes in March, Halloween themes in January, Christmas themes in November, Spring themes in December, Christmas themes in August, you get the idea.

Last week James had the pleasure of shooting for Create-A-Treat, shooting a little bit of Halloween related treats and, you guessed it: some Christmas treats. Take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes shots from our wintery studio.