Loblaws Stop Motion Video


Photographer: James Tse // Food Stylist: Adele Shaw // Prop Stylist: Martine Blackhurst


Food & Drink Winter Cover



For Stylish Entertaining, bring the restaurant trend of black food home to your dishes; with four starring ingredients, it’s easier than you think. Check out all the great recipes in the winter issue available now at the LCBO and on The LCBO Food & Drink iPad app!

Photographer: James Tse // Food Stylist: Christopher St. Onge // Prop Stylist: Catherine MacFadyen // Food Editor: Lucy Waverman


BTS: Egg-cellent Fry-Day

Behind the scenes, Creatives, Fun!, James Tse Photo, Studio


What’s that thing they say about making omelettes? About cracking eggs?

I’m not yolking (sorry) when I say that it took eggs-emplary (sorry) efforts and a little bit of scrambling (sorry) to capture the high-flying and gravity defying egg-splosion (sorry). Omletting (sorry) some of the BTS photos crack (sorry) through to show you all of the preparation, planning, trial-runs, and of course eggs that were sacrificed in the making of James’ egg-septional creative shot (I’m not sorry about that one).





05Happy Fry-day! (sorry)

Thanks for the BTS photos, Kate!

Cozy Cocktails – Air Miles Magazine

Editorial, James Tse Photo, Studio

Arriving soon is the season of celebrating with food, sweets, and most importantly drinks of all shapes and sizes. James and his crew teamed up with Air Miles Magazine to shoot some classic winter-month drink recipes for you to try this year, complete with video HOW-TO’s to walk you through making your own cozy cocktails to keep you warm one of these cold winter nights. Cheers!

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.11.19 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.11.32 AM

Director / Photographer: James Tse // Recipes: Nicole Young // Food stylist: Adele Hagan // Prop Stylist: Catherine Doherty //  DOP/EDITOR/COLOURIST: Michael Wong // Art Director: Kim Rogers

Monday Meetings


Monday’s aren’t SO bad…when you’re making french toast with the team!

For today’s meeting, we decided: why not make a tasty meal together and turn that Monday frown upside down?!

Although we had 100% pure maple syrup from our very own Prince Edward County, we still had to convince a certain someone that it’s 100% better than Aunt Jemima…no argument there right?






“The Best French Restaurant in Chinatown”!

Tonight, for our staff Christmas dinner, we will be dinning at Batifole, a quaint french restaurant in Toronto’s east end of Leslieville. Chef and owner, Jean-Jacques Texier is a friend of ours, so we are very excited to taste some delicious food, drink great wine, and relax outside of the studio.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!